Capital Health Institute (CHI) is a dynamic learning institution where learners gain valuable practical nursing knowledge and skills in a challenging, yet supportive learning environment. CHI offers small classes which provide an ideal setting for quality instruction and personal attention that leads to academic success.  At CHI the classroom and clinical setting is highly collaborative; each student has an opportunity to know their instructors and classmates!  

The healthcare industry is the fastest growing segment of the economy in the United States of America.  CHI recognized the needs of the healthcare industry and has created a practical nursing curriculum that will prepare students for a successful career in assistant living facilities, private home care, hospitals and clinics. CHI offers students a bridge into the healthcare industry through the License Practical Nursing Program (LPN).  At our school students will be prepared to successfully use their practical nursing skills to prevent illness and restore health.

Capital Health Institute Practical Nursing Program incorporates knowledge from the biological and social sciences to provide a holistic approach when interacting with individuals, families and communities.  Nurses provide safe, accountable and effective care to promote, maintain, and restore health, appropriate to the self-care abilities of the client(s).  Caring is an essential to the practical nurse’s interactions in assisting clients to meet their physiological, psychological, social-cultural and spiritual needs.


Main Campus
7826 Eastern Ave., NW 515
Washington DC 20012
Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm

Next Class Starts
January 9, 2012

Enroll Now Day, Evening
Classes are available

Day Class
Morning Hrs: M-F 8am-2pm
Clinical Hours: 7am- 2pm

Evening Class:
Evening Hrs: M-F 4pm-10pm
Clinical Hours: 4pm-10pm

Program Certification:

Approved by D.C.
Educational Licensure
D.C. Board of Nursing
D.C. Department Health
Regulation Administration

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